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One lonely

tech bro

Zuck Metaberg has devoted his life to connecting people, and yet, nobody wants to hang out with him. Now with over 1 squillion users on his various social platforms, Zuck has decided to bring them all together in one virtual space. There, amongst all the data of all of humanity - maybe he can finally have an authentic human experience.

Engage the Metaverse

Things go awry when he finally activates the Metaverse - inadvertently uploading himself and in the process creating 10,000 clones. These hideous, pop-culture infused amalgamations of internet nonsense, inhabit the metaspace between the physical and digital world - flickering between cyberspace and meatspace.

Collect them all?

Well you can't. But you can mint a Metaberg NFT to decentralize him, captured on the Ethereum blockchain. Until you do - where will Zuck appear next? In your favourite meme? On a slice of toast? In the nightmares of a silicon valley executive?

A dark figure of a lurking monster

The Metabergers

Capt R

Business Affairs

Ruu is a venture capital investor and web3 enthusiast. He also runs his own web3 consultancy and has worked directly for a number of premiership football clubs, top tier brands and soho crack dens.

Ginger Butterworth

Talent & Operations

Tom is a Web3 recruiter and CT lurker. When he isn't trying to scale protocols within an inch of their lives, he can be a useful sound board to ascertain whether an idea is truly silly enough. Can hold a conversation, not a drink.


WEB 3.0 & Smart Contracts

Alfie is Web3 developer & a degen farmer who is in too deep to quit. Spent the past few years developing sites for large web2 brands whilst coding up his own crypto offerings to the world


Creator & Pencil Owner

After 12 years at a leading TV motion graphics and animation company, Nick has decided to plunge himself head first into NFTs by building his own collection. His real passion is character design and has been drawing Metaberg assets since October…send help

Ray Epsilon

Co-Creator & Universe Builder

Plummeting the mean coolness of the group - Matt is a 3D motion designer, with experience in Unreal Engine and XR. 10 years spent creating animated graphics for well-known brands, news media and TV entertainment shows, he must really like keyframes.






Community Manager


Community Manager

A rag-tag gang of silly individuals, that also happen to be design and technology professionals

What are Metabergs?

Metabergs are a collection of 10,000 generative twerps, categorized by level of rarity, assembled  from hundreds of assets inspired by nonsense on the internet.

Go Zuck Yourself

Assimilate with the Metaverse via the Go Zuck Yourself Instagram filter, and hunt infinite Zucks across the social 'verse





10k Unique Metabergs uploaded to the blockchain. 100% mint. An unreasonable amount of preposterous traits

10k Silly JPEGs

Payback our kind investors

10% initial sales will go to Art Refuge

2/3 of initial sales goes back into the community

Open Metaberg Community Fund

Production begins on the first Metaberg Software Update, a derivative drop of full-bodied Metabergs

Initiate first derivative drop - MEGABERGS

1 in 10 random hodlers will receive Partybergs - a loot crate of merch / random objects we find laying around the office

IRL Giveaways

Land purchased in Decentraland, and utilised to create interactive Metaberg experiences

Metaverse Activation - Decentraland

A community led digital design agency - 10% is owned by Metaberg holders, who receive quarterly airdrops

Launch BLEM Studios

Your utility token across the BLEM ecosystem, earnable in future games


High quality play to earn game, integrating the collection

P2E game - ZUCK HUNT

Animated sketch show, expanding the characters and scope of the Metaberg multi-verse

Masters of the Metaverse


10k fully 3D, mechanised monstrosities - fully realised in Unreal Engine 5

Initiate second derivative drop - MEKABERGS

He really might

Nickydooodles might change his name to Zuck





Please talk to me

I'm planning a super-awesome birthday party, and you're all invited - whether you like it or not, haha! It's in May, by the way. Also, don't worry about the extremely ominous machine at the back of the office, it's totally got nothing to do with The Metaverse!

Enter the


Cyberspace and reality are in flux. Check out the latest trailer and stay up to date

Loot Crates

Some of you lucky hodlers will receive Partybergs - a loot crate of merch / random objects we find laying around the office

Derivative Drops

Everyone loves a software update, right?

$BLEM Token

DYOR, LFG, WGMI, to the moon... etc, etc.

P2E Game

Interface with the metaverse and de-frag Zucks across meta-space in ZUCK HUNT.

A high quality play-to-earn game, integrating the collection.

BLEM Studios

The Metaberg-verse is the gateway to the larger digital design agency co-run by our wonderful community. Metaberg hodlers will have governing rights on which projects we explore and develop, from start to finish.

Masters Of The Metaverse

By the power of BLEM STUDIO, the scope of the Metabergs universe increases with our animated internet sketch show. No tech billionaire is safe.

A Simple Roadmap

We love making art, we love story telling, and we're excited for you to join us on this weird and wonderful journey.

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